Bunting, Bunting and More Bunting…

What is it about the (very late) arrival of spring that makes everyone and everywhere look so much more luscious? Flowers blooming, brighter, lighter clothes and more time spent outside brings out the best in people! With more bbqs, fairs and garden parties springing up what better time fo year to rediscover the bunting craze.


A few years ago a close friend of mine, the fantastic Roxi, started making simplistic bunting to brighten up her twins november birthday party. She put this up in a basic community hall and totally changed the space into a cosy, country environment. Roxi’s bunting was very long, using mostly floral fabrics but also some plain cottons, and thick ribbon to connect each triangle together.


I find the simplicity of bunting very inspirational; the effect a few trianges of fabric can have in a garden, kitchen, bedroom or even office is quite phenomenal really! Low and behold I began making a wide variety of bunting and experimenting with a range of fabric patterns and textures has led me to believe that almost anything can be turned into bunting and used to brighten up a drab space.


To make bunting you simply need to cut triangles and attach them to a connecting piece of ribbon or edging however I have enjoyed customising various shorter buntings that are intended to be used indoors as year round home decor. Customising with buttons, applique lettering or motifs adds a personalised touch to any room and can also be very handy if your looking to extend a colour scheme or theme.


Delightful Factory charge £7.00 per metre for bunting, whilst we also provide some ready made items in a variety of cute and colourful designs. Get in touch via delightfulfactory@hotmail.com to see what we could do to spruce up your garden party, kid’s room or even kitchen. If you have left over curtain fabric, or beloved old bedsheets why not send it to Delightful Factory and have it turned into some stylish and hardwearing bunting?

Bunting is the ultimate simple sewing task, with beautiful and original results every time!


Delightful Decorations and a Fabulous Fabric Fetish…

I can safely say I have a fabric fetish. I love cotton and heavy fabrics around the house. I love the feel of velvet and corduroy. I adore the colour clash of west african print. I use polka dot, stripes and checks where ever I can squeeze them in. I buy buttons and ribbons and beads and fringe – every colour, size, shape and shade. 

Image Each time I walk into a haberdashery I find new techniques, fabric combinations and ideas; which is why I tend to venture out into the big wide world of South London rather than buy my materials online. Especially when I’m looking for inspiration.



Recently I have been buying lots of african print, polka dots and checks. Mostly I impulse buy these when I’m out and about, however I’ve also been collecting simplistic prints, like check or stars, as well as plain, but vibrant, cotton colours. I am hoping these will all combine beautifully in a whole new range of hanging decorations I’ve been experimenting with.

ImageThe birds, hearts and elephants (pictured) will soon be available to buy on etsy, ebay and notonthehighstreet.com as a pack of five. The photos on this post document the making process of these delightful decorations, made in a very fabulous factory (otherwise known as my lovely living room).